Book Habits Book Tag

Today I’m doing the book habits book tag. This tag was created by TheBookJazz on YouTube.

1. Do you have a certain place at home for reading? I like to read on my bed or the futon I have in my room. I like to be comfy when I read.

2. Bookmark or random piece of paper? Bookmark. I have tons!

3. Can you just stop reading or do you have to stop after a chapter or certain amount of pages? I need to stop when I have finished a chapter. I hate when I have to stop in the middle of a chapter.

4. Do you eat or drink while reading? Depends on when I’m reading. I always have water by me though.

5. Multitasking: music or tv while reading? Neither. I find that it’s hard to concentrate with background noise.

6. One book at a time or several at once? I usually read a physical book and an e-book.

7. Reading at home or everywhere? I read mostly at home but I love to read at the library and I read on my commute to and from work.

8. Reading out loud or silently in your head? Silently in my head.

9. Do you read ahead or even skip pages? No. If I’m not into a book I will skim pages though to see if it picks up before I DNF it.

10. Breaking the spine or keeping it like new? I try to keep my books in good condition, but I do buy used books sometimes so some of them aren’t in the best shape.

11. Do you write in your books? No. If I want to take notes for a review I use post its.

12. Who do you tag? Everyone!

So that was the book habits book tag. It was a different kind of tag but it was fun.

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February Subscription Boxes

These are the books that I received in book subscription boxes this month.

Book Of The Month:

The Broken Girls by Simone St. James. This follows a woman who, twenty years after her sisters death, revisits what happened the night she died and finds out that her death could be tied to the all girls boarding school she attended.

My Thrill Club:

The Hole by Hye-Young Pyun. This is described as a Korean version of Misery by Stephen King.

His Bloody Project by Graeme Macrae Burnet. This is a historical thriller that is set in 19th century Scotland and explores a triple murder in a remote Scottish farming community.

The DVD for this month was The Haunted Airman. It stars Robert Pattinson.


Jane Two by Sean Patrick Flanery. The synopsis doesn’t really give much, but by what I gather it’s a coming of age story that has drama and romance.irs also written by an actor and I’m always curious when an author releases a novel.

Magnus Chase And The Gods Of Asgard: The Sword Of Summer by Rick Riordan. This is a Walmart exclusive and contains a door hanger. This is obviously the first book in the Magnus Chase series. This is actually a book that I’m not really interested in reading. I know a lot of people love this series but it’s just not what I’m really into so I will be putting it up for a future giveaway.

Those are the books that I got and I’m most excited for The Broken Girls. I think that might be on my TBR next month.

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The First Date Book Tag

Since Valentine’s Day is tomorrow I thought I would do the first date book tag. This is an original book tag from Katesbookdate on YouTube.

1. The awkward first date~ A book where something felt off. It wasn’t a bad book, but lacked that spark for you-

Second Star by Alyssa B. Sheinmel. This is a Peter Pan retelling and I was so excited for it but it just lacked something for me.

2. The cheap first date~ A book that turned out less than you expected-

Whitefern by V.C. Andrews. I loved My Sweet Audrina and was so excited for this second book. Sadly, V.C. Andrews died in 1986 so a ghost writer hired by her family continued on with the story and I did not like where he went with it at all.

3. Well-prepared first date~ A book that was better than you expected-

Miss Peregrine’s Home For Peculiar Children by Ransom Riggs. I was not expecting to love this series as much as I did.

4. Hot but dumb~ Pretty book, not so hot on the inside-

Anna Karenina by Leo Tolstoy. The edition I read was so pretty but I just didn’t like this book at all.
5. Blind date~ A book that you picked up not knowing anything about it-

My Life Next Door by Huntley Fitzpatrick. I didn’t know what this book was about when I picked it up on Book Outlet but everyone was talking about it so I picked it up since it was so cheap.
6. Speed dating~ A book you read super fast-

The Love Interest by Cale Dietrich. I loved this book and read it super fast.
7. The rebound~ A book you read too soon after a book hangover and it kind of ruined the book for you-

If a book sticks with me, I’m not able to pick up another book until I give myself time to get it out of my head.
8. Overly enthusiastic date~ A book that felt like it was trying too hard-

Confessions Of A Shopaholic by Sophie Kinsella. I like this book series but it just feels like the further into the series I get the more I feel like the author is trying to hard with Becky.
9. The perfect first date~ A book that did everything for you-

The Notebook by Nicholas Sparks. This is my all time favorite book. It’s just so perfect.
10. Humiliating first date~ A book you’re embarrassed to admit you liked/embarrassed to be seen reading it in public for whatever reason-

Fifty Shades Of Grey by E.L. James. This is such a controversial book series and the topic is out there but I love the series. It’s a guilty pleasure read but I never admit it to someone and would never read it in public.

That was the first date book tag. I tag whoever wants to do it.

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Book Review: Meet Cute by Various Authors

Meet Cute is an anthology of short stories written by various YA authors. All of the stories are about the first initial meetings of the two characters.

This book is different from any others that u have reviewed because there are many short stories. For this review I’m going to give a short synopsis, the title and author and my rating for the story. I’ll end the review with a few of my thoughts.

1. Siege Etiquette by Katie Cotugno. While hiding from the police during a house party, Hailey and Wolf end up in the bathroom together. 3 stars

2. Print Shop by Nina Lacour. Evie is working part time at a print ship. On her first day she sets up a Twitter account for the shop and receives a negative tweet from a current customer, who she goes out of her way to help. 4 stars

3. Hourglass by Ibi Zoboi. Cherish, a plus size teenager goes in search of a last minute prom dress when she meets Mamadou. 4 stars

4. Click by Katharine McGee. Alexa and Raden meet for a date after “clicking” on an app. 5 stars

5. The Intern by Sara Shepard. Clara meets a touring musician named Phineaus. 5 stars

6. Somewhere That’s Green by Meredith Russo. Nia, is a transgendered girl trying to get access to the girls bathrooms and locker room, but Lexie may be working against her. 5 stars

7. The Way We Love Here by Dhonielle Clayton. Viola and Sebastien are from the island of Meridien, where everyone who hasn’t found love, have rings on their fingers and when they only have one left, they find their love. 5 stars

8. Oomph by Emery Lord. Cassidy and Johanna meet at the airport while they are catching different flights. 5 stars

9. The Dictionary Of You And Me by Jennifer L. Armentrout. Moss works at the library and meets H. Smith over the phone while trying to get him to return a dictionary to the library. 5 stars

10. The Unlikely Likelihood Of Falling In Love by Jocelyn Davies. Sam uses a class project to prove that math has alot to do with finding love. 5 stars

11. 259 Million Miles by Kass Morgan. Philip and Blythe meet while they are each competing for a spot on a shuttle to Mars. 3.5 stars

12. Something Real by Julie Murphy. June goes on a reality show in order to win a date with a Dylan, a young and famous musician. 4 stars

13. Say Everything by Huntley Fitzpatrick. Emma meets Sean while she’s waiting tables at the diner. 5 stars

14. The Department Of Dead Love by Nicola Yoon. Thomas and Samantha broke up ten months ago and he isn’t able to get over it, so he goes to The Department Of Dead Love to get a relationship autopsy by a HeartWorker to see what went wrong and to get a Do Over. 5 stars

I really enjoyed these short stories. Each one was so different but they all fit together perfectly. My least favorite story was Siege Etiquette by Katie Cotugno. I’m not sure if she is the author for me. I can’t choose my favorite story but I really liked Click by Katharine McGee, The Dictionary Of You And Me by Jennifer L. Armentrout and Say Everything by Huntley Fitzpatrick. (Of course!)

Overall 5 star read for me and I definitely recommend it.

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February TBR

These are the books that I’m hoping to get to in February.

The One Memory Of Flora Banks by Emily Barr. This is about a teenage girl who has no short term memory. One day she kisses her best friends boyfriend before he leaves town, and she remembers it.

P.S. I Like You by Kasie West. This is about a girl who writes lyrics on her desk one day in class and the next day finds that someone has completed those lyrics and they start a kind of pen pal relationship.

26 Kisses by Anna Michels. After her boyfriend breaks up with her, Veda decides to spend the summer kissing a different boy, one for every letter of the alphabet.

Meet Cute. This is an anthology of short stories about two people meeting for the first time. Authors include Katie Cotugno, Nina Lacour, Huntley Fitzpatrick, Sara Shepard and Nicola Yoon, among others.

Alex, Approximately by Jenn Bennett. This is a You’ve Got Mail retelling of sorts.

I can’t wait to jump into these this month and hopefully read some cute romances since it’s Valentine’s month.

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January Wrap Up

I had an amazing reading month in January. It was such a great way to kick off 2018. These are the books that I read…The books that have a * are books that I read for the 2018 POPSUGAR Reading Challenge.

Renegades by Marissa Meyer. Superheroes. Supervillians. Superpowers. Vengeance. Need I say more?! 5 stars

The Lying Game by Ruth Ware. This is about four childhood friends who go their separate ways only to be pulled back together 20 years later, when a secret from their past threatens their future. *This is a book from a celebrity book club

A Monster Calls by Patrick Ness. This follows a 13 year old boy who has to come to terms with his mother’s terminal cancer. 5 stars *This is a book about death or grief

Rapunzel And The Lost Lagoon by Leila Howland. This story takes place after Tangled the movie ends, but before the start of the TV show. Rapunzel finds a book in the castle library and when she shows Cassandra, they set off in search of the lost lagoon that is believed to be the source of all power in Corona, but up until now has only been thought of as a myth. 5 stars

Tangled Cinestory Comic by Jeremy Barlow. This is the movie Tangled in comic form. It follows the movie perfectly, including all of the songs. If you enjoyed the movie you will love this. 5 stars

Tangled: Before Ever After Cinestory Comic by Walt Disney Company. This is the movie Tangled: Before Ever After in comic form. Again this follows the movie perfectly including the songs. 5 stars

Tangled: The Series – Take On The World Cinestory Comic by Walt Disney Company. This is the comic version of the first three episodes of the TV series and it’s so great. I love the artwork in these comic versions. 5 stars

Tangled The Manga by Shiori Kanaki. This is the first true manga that I have read and I really enjoyed it. This is the manga version of the movie Tangled. It doesn’t have the songs and it differs a little from things that were said in the movie but it was still a great one. 5 stars

Golden by Cameron Dokey. This is a Rapunzel retelling and I loved it. It’s one of my favorites. 5 stars *This is your favorite prompt from 2015, 2016 or 2017. I chose 2016 and a fairytale retelling

Wires And Nerve Volume Two: Gone Rogue by Marissa Meyer. I got this in the mail on the day it came out (Jan 30th) and I devoured it. I loved seeing everyone again, especially Wolf and Scarlet. Oh and IKO! 5 stars *This is a book released in 2018

A Desperate Place For Dying by Scott William Carter. This is the second book in the Garrison Gage Oregon Coast series. This one takes place a year after the first book and follows a different murder mystery. This time involving a cult and a man from Gage’s past. 5 stars *This is a book you borrowed or were given as a gift

The Lovely Wicked Rain by Scott William Carter. This is book three in the series I previously mentioned and takes place about a year after the second book. This time there has been a murder at the college Zoe goes to and the prime suspect is someone she knows. 5 stars

Darker by E.L. James. This is Fifty Shades Darker from Christian’s point of view. This is such a guilty pleasure series for me, but I think I like this version better than Ana’s point of view. 5 stars

Wounded by Laurell K. Hamilton. This is a novella in the Anita Blake Vampire Hunter series and It’s sort of an outtake scene from her novel Dead Ice. I think I enjoyed this novella more than the actual novel. 5 stars

I ended the month reading a few children’s picture books, just because!

Really, Rapunzel Needed A Haircut! The Story Of Rapunzel As Told By Dame Gothel by Jessica Gunderson. This was actually kind of funny and I enjoyed it. 5 stars

Rapunzel by Paul O. Zelinksy. The illustrations in this book are so beautiful. 5 stars

Rapunzel Retold by John Cech. The illustrations in this book are also stunning. I love this version so much. 5 stars

5 physical books, 5 graphic novels, 4 ebooks and 3 picture books…17 books total this month and all 5 star reads! Such a good reading month for me. Hello February!

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Book Review: A Monster Calls by Patrick Ness

A Monster Calls by Patrick Ness is a story about a boy who has to come to terms with his mother’s cancer. The story is inspired by Siobhan Dowd, who herself was terminally ill with cancer when she started the story, but died before she was able to write the book. The book is also illustrated by Jim Kay.

First off, I knew this was going to be a tearjerker from the beginning because I cried reading the author’s note, but I had no idea how sad it was actually going to be.

This book is absolutely heartbreaking. I cried like a baby at the end. I had to take a break from reading for a few days after finishing it because the book just stuck with me.

The story is so beautifully written. It shows the special bond between a mother and child. It shows the heartbreak of losing someone you love to a terminal illness. It shows the impact that cancer has on not only the person suffering from it, but also their family. It shows the many ways that people can deal with death and grief.

I loved the whole concept. Conor is a thirteen year old boy. Every night he wakes up after having the same nightmare. One night at 12:07 he hears a voice calling his name. Upon going to his bedroom window, he finds that the yew tree in his backyard had turned into a monster. The monster tells him that he will keep coming back to tell him 3 stories and then Conor needs to tell him a story and if he doesn’t tell the truth than the monster will eat him.

I don’t want to spoil anything for anyone who hasn’t read it but each story tells of a time when the yew tree his visited someone else. The first story deals with the fact that sometimes people lie to themselves and believe those lies to find comfort or happiness. The second story teaches about beliefs and healing powers and what happens when you change beliefs based on your needs. The third story deals with Conor being bullied. He feels invisible at school and just wants to be seen and he wants most of all to be treated normal. The fourth story is Conor’s and he must confront his nightmare. This was the most heartbreaking of all the stories.

I think this book does a great job of conveying the different stages of grief. It shows how devastating a terminal illness can be for everyone involved. Most importantly, I think it does a great job in showing that you can heal and everything will be okay.

I gave this 5 stars and highly recommend it.

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Book Review: The Lying Game by Ruth Ware

The Lying Game by Ruth Ware is a Mystery/Thriller about four childhood friends that went their separate ways, but come back together when a secret they buried years before threatens to ruin the lives they have built for themselves.

Isa, Kate, Thea and Fatima all meet at a boarding school where they become inseparable and were known throughout the school for playing “the lying game.” They were notorious for lying to not only other students but also to the faculty and they would receive points based on how well they lied. One day they are all brought into the office of the head mistress where she informs them that they will no longer be attending the school. The girls go their separate ways and have little contact with each other over the next 20 years. One day they all get a text from Kate saying “I need you” and they find themselves back together staying in Kate’s house trying to figure out a way to cover up for a lie they told 20 years ago.

I’ve seen mixed reviews on Goodreads where some people loved it and then some people hated it. I’m with the first group. I really loved this book. I enjoyed the story and the writing was great, as it always is. Ruth Ware has become one of my favorite thriller authors. I liked the characters. Isa, Kate, Thea and Fatima were four very different girls but they came together ad friends and they just worked. I think they really complemented each other and made for an awesome cast of characters. I really enjoyed the mystery aspect, although I do think that it was a little slow getting to that point. I knew right away that something wasn’t right and there was more to the story but I didn’t expect the way it unfolded and the reveal at the end was surprising to me too. I also loved the inclusion of religion. It wasn’t a prominate storyline, but Fatima is Muslim and I loved the parts of the story where that was talked about and explained a little bit. Another thing that I liked was that Isa is a new mother and she brought her daughter, Freya along with her. Of course it’s a thriller so she could have been bringing her into dangerous situations, but you just normally don’t see that in books. I feel like a lot of thrillers that have children, they are kind of forgotten about when all the bad stuff goes down and you wonder where they were the whole time. Freya was a pretty big part of the story actually and you always knew where she was. I thought that was different and I really liked it.

So I gave this book 5 stars. I really enjoyed it and definitely think that it’s worth checking out if you like mysteries, thrillers or Ruth Ware.

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Books I Want To Have Sequels

Here are 14 books that I really want to have a sequel to.

1. My Life Next Door by Huntley Fitzpatrick. I absolutely loved this book and it was my favorite read of 2017. I want more Jase and Samantha so bad.

2. The Love Interest by Cale Dietrich. I would really like to see more of the relationship between Caden and Dylan. I also want to see more of what happened after the events at the end of the book.

3. Behind Her Eyes by Sarah Pinborough. The ending of this book was crazy, but in a good way. I want more!

4. The Couple Next Door by Shari Lapena. This is another book that had a crazy ending and I want more. It was so open ended and I just want the story to continue.

5. Vampire Kisses by Ellen Schreiber. In the previous blog I said that I loved the ending to this series, and I do, but of course I would love more of Alexander and Raven.

6. The Notebook by Nicholas Sparks. This technically has a sequel with The Wedding l, but it follows one of Allie and Noah’s children. I want a continuation of Allie and Noah’s story.

7. Amy And Roger’s Epic Detour by Morgan Matson. The ending of this book was so open ended and I would love to have more and see where things go after this ending.

8. Reality Boy by A.S. King. I just want more Gerald and Hannah!

9. The Here And Now by Ann Brashares. I really didn’t like the ending of this book. It didn’t feel like there was any closer. I want another one so that things can move forward and there can be some type of finality to the ending of this story.

10. Since Last Summer by Joanna Philbin. I loved Rules Of Summer and was so excited for this sequel but I was so disappointed with part of the ending I really just want a third so that it can be made right!

11. The Twilight Wife by A.J. Banner. The only reason I want another book is because I want a definite answer for what was announced at the end of the first book.

12. The Movie Version by Emma Wunsch. Again this ending was open ended and I really like when an ending has closer. I also really enjoyed this story and want more.

13. Someone Else’s Summer by Rachel Bateman. I loved this book and I want more so bad. I loved Cameron and Anna and just want more!

14. Geekerella by Ashley Poston. I loved this book so much more than I thought I would. It’s a Cinderella retelling set in the modern world. I loved the tech aspect of it and that Elle was a blogger. I want more of this story and more of the characters.

Those are some of the books I want more of. What books do you want more of?

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Series Endings That I Loved

Today’s blog is going to be about my top 12 book series endings that I loved. There will be NO spoilers.

1. Immortal Hearts by Ellen Schreiber. This is the 9th and final book in the Vampire Kisses Series. I put so many years into reading this series and fell in love with these characters and their relationships. The ending of this series was perfect and it was so satisfying to get the amazing ending that this series deserved.

2. The Way Back Home by Alecia Whitaker. This is the 3rd book in the Wildflower Trilogy. These books were really good. I loved getting a kind of behind the scenes look into the life of a touring musician. The romances were cute and I loved the family aspect of the novels as well.

3. Janie Face To Face by Caroline B. Cooney. This is the 5th and final book in The Face On The Milk Carton Series. I loved these books when I read them but I never felt that the series was closed with What Janie Found. I was so happy when Janie Face To Face was released and it was the perfect ending. The ending that this series deserved.

4. Winter by Marissa Meyer. This is the final book in The Lunar Chronicles Series. I loved these books so much and each story brought a new fairy tale character to life and gave their individual stories a new spin. I loved how each girl got their own book and it was focused on them while at the same time, also bringing them all together. I was sad to see this end, but the ending was great.

5. Library Of Souls by Ransom Riggs. This is the final book in the Miss Peregrine’s Home For Peculair Children Trilogy. I loved these books and characters so much. Each person brought something new to the story and I could not put these books down. This series is full of non stop action and it’s such a fun time. The ending was great and I want more.

6. Torn by Avery Hastings. This is the 2nd book in the Feuds Duology. So much happened in these two books and I couldn’t get enough. I loved the romance and the whole premise of the story was so good. I wish there was a third book because I loved it so much, but the ending was good and it definitely brought everything to a satisfying conclusion.

7. True by Hilary Duff. This is the final book in the Elixir Series. Going into this I was a little skeptical but I loved it. Granted it wasn’t anything that we haven’t seen before in some form in YA storytelling, but it was still a solid series and I loved the ending.

8. Arena 3 by Morgan Rice. This is the 3rd and final book in The Survival Trilogy. I haven’t read The Hunger Games but I have seen the movie and this series reminds me of that in some ways. I loved the relationships. I loved the sibling bond that was shown throughout the novel. I loved the will to survive that these characters had. This really was a story about survival and if you are willing to do what you have to in order to make it. The final book was by far the best in my opinion and the ending was so great.

9. Forever Breathing by Heather Allen. This is the last book in the Just Breath Trilogy. This is the first time I have read a mermaid story and I really enjoyed it. These books were such quick reads and so much happened but the ending was so rewarding.

10. The Mind Games by Lori Brighton. This is the final book in The Mind Readers Series. Although there were a couple things throughout this series that I would have liked to change, I still really liked this series and the ending was really well written. I think it ended on a good note that gave some much needed closer.

11. Fifty Shades Freed by E.L. James. This is the only adult series on this list and definitely the most controversial. This is by no means a masterpiece and they are so corny but they are certainly guilty pleasure reads. I liked the series and really like the ending. The final book was my favorite.

12. Found AND Obsessed by Morgan Rice. This is technically a whole series but kind of done in two parts. The Vampire Journals includes 9 books. The final book is Found. I loved the way this series ended. Then The Vampire Legacy Series started and this includes 4 books. The final book is Obsessed. These books follow the daughter of the couple from the first series but they still play a big role in this companion series, I guess is what it is. I also loved the ending of this series and wasn’t sure which one to choose so I just did both.

Those are some of the series endings that I loved. Which series endings are your favorite?

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*pictures in the second photo are from Google Images.