This Blog post is a little different than what I have posted in the past. This is a list of things that I think can help you read more books. Enjoy!

1. Turn off your phone. If there are no distractions, chances are you will read more.

2. Carry a book at all times. If you commute to work, if you travel or if you are waiting in lines or waiting for an appointment these are good times to pop open a book.

3. Have another book ready before you finish the one you’re reading/ Make a TBR. Having a list of books you want to read and having them at your disposal is the easiest way to keep reading.

4. If you are not enjoying a book, stop reading it. This only goes for free reading. If you have a book you need to read for a class assignment then definitely keep reading it otherwise you will get in trouble!

5. Schedule time for reading. Make time each day that is strictly for reading whether its for 30 minutes or 2 hours. You can also go to bed a little earlier at night and read before falling asleep.

6. Keep a reading log and share it. This way you know what you’ve read and what you like so you are less likely to grab a book that you don’t like too much. Also you could get recommendations this way if you share.

7. Get a Kindle or other E-Reader. Amazon has a lot of good free books. If you don’t want to buy a Kindle you can also just download the Kindle App for free on your phone. All you need to do is make an Amazon account.

8. Join A Book Club. This can also bring to your attention books that you may not have thought to read before but turn out to be amazing.

9. Subscribe to BookTubers. They have lots of good book ideas and most have reviews so you can browse and see what interests you. I love Hails Hearts Nyc, Alita Joy, Super Space Chick and TheBookHoarder.

10. Start a blog. You can interact with other readers and get ideas.

11. Get on Goodreads. You can see what other people are reading and what they like. You can also get recommendations based on things you have read.

12. Subscribe to a book service. These you have to pay for monthly and some are pricey but its a good way to get new books that you can read.

Those are just some ideas. If you have any let me know.

Keep reading…Lola


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