At First Sight by Nicholas Sparks


At First Sight is the second book in the True Believer duology. I myself don’t think that you need to read True Believer first to enjoy At First Sight but it would make a little more sense if you did. This second book only touches on character introductions and descriptions because all was described in the first one. It also might start out a little weird for people if they haven’t read the first one.


At First Sight continues the story of Jeremy Marsh and Lexie Darnell from True Believer. It follows their engagement, wedding and the birth of their daughter.

The Story:

The novel starts out with newly engaged Jeremy and Lexi visiting New York City so that Lexi can meet Jeremy’s family and also so that Jeremy can pack up his belongings for his move to Boone Creek, North Carolina. While there Jeremy has conversations with his father as well as his best friend, Alvin about his impending marriage. Alvin thinks that Jeremy is rushing things and only marrying her because she is pregnant while his father believes that Jeremy should follow his heart no matter what. While back in Boone Creek, Jeremy and Lexi plan their upcoming wedding and for the birth of their first child. Having only known each other for a few weeks at the start of the novel, they are still learning about each other and with that, have many arguments, mostly because of Rodney, a man who Lexi has known since childhood who has had feelings for her for years. Jeremy begins getting emails making him question the paternity of his child which makes him pull away from Lexi while trying to find the answers. In the end, the truth is revealed and they are married. For the rest of the novel, they prepare for their daughters birth, but not without some worry and concern over the babies health. The novel concludes with a tragedy that neither Lexi nor Jeremy could have been prepared for.

The Characters:

Jeremy Marsh ~ Freelance journalist and writer for Scientific American. Falls in love with Lexi when he goes to Boone Creek to cover a story. He was married once before but it ended in divorce. He has a hard time believing in things that he cannot see.

Lexi Darnell ~ Librarian in Boone Creek, North Carolina. She loves where she lives and although she lived in New York City for a short time with an ex boyfriend she wants to stay where she is. She falls in love with Jeremy after knowing him for only a week and discovers that she is pregnant with his child at the end of the first novel, True Believer. She believes in miracles.

Doris ~ Lexi’s grandmother. Has a special ability in which she can predict the sex of a baby before the baby is born, even if it is too early for the doctors to tell. She raised Lexi after her parents died in a car accident when she was only two years old. She is very well loved and owns a restaurant in town called Herb’s.

Rachel ~ Lexi’s childhood friend who is like a sister to her. She works at Herb’s and is a lot more adventurous than Lexi. She has feelings for Rodney, even though she knows about his feelings for Lexi.

Rodney ~ A childhood friend of Lexi and Rachel. He has had feelings for Lexi for years. He is a cop in the town and dislikes Jeremy from the beginning because he knows that Lexi has feelings for him. Eventually he falls for Rachel and they become a couple.

Alvin ~ He is Jeremy’s best friend from New York City. He questions Jeremy’s upcoming wedding and doesn’t really think that he should marry Lexi so quickly. He has tattoos and many piercings.

The Romance/Tragedy:

There is both romance and tragedy in First Believer. The romance between Lexi and Jeremy happens very quickly but they believe that they are meant for each other and they are madly in love. They are also excited to welcome a baby together. There is also the romance between Rodney and Rachel, although on a lot smaller of a scale, it works into the story pretty well. The tragedy doesn’t really come along until the last 30 pages or so but it is so unexpected, at least for me and so sad. It’s not something that anyone can prepare for, especially Jeremy and Lexi.

The Writing/Author:

The writing of this book is done beautifully. I love Nicholas Sparks and his writing and this book did not disappoint. It was everything you could hope for in a Nicholas Sparks novel. There was love, happiness, passion, heartache, healing, mystery. The writing was done in a way that made the story believable and not corny at all, as some romance novels can be. I sat there living this life with Jeremy and Lexi and watching them grow as a couple and as a family.


As always, I have no issues with this novel. I love Nicholas Sparks and the way he tells a story. He has never disappointed me in one of his books.


I loved this book. Not since 2010 when The Last Song came out, have I cried so hard. This book made me laugh, it gave me hope and it made me cry. It’s basically what happens anytime I read Nicholas Sparks! I 100 percent recommend this boo and give it a 5 out of 5 stars.

That’s my review for At First Sight by Nicholas Sparks. I hope you enjoyed it and definitely go and read it if you haven’t already.

Keep reading…Lola


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