This is the second box that I have received from BookCase.Club and I am really enjoying it so far. I think that it is so worth the 14.99 a month. This month I got two hard cover books with a price of $18 each. Definitely go and check out their website. Once again this month I got the Young Adult box. I think I will get one more YA themed box and then try a new one.

This months books were Wildflower by Alecia Whitaker and The Prince Of Venice Beach by Blake Nelson. I haven’t heard about either of these books or authors before.

I really love that this box comes with a quote each month and this month’s quote is…

“It was like the good gone times. When we still believed in summer hotels and the philosophies of popular songs.” ~F. Scott Fitzgerald

The Prince of Venice Beach is about a homeless teenager who is enlisted by local authorities to help them track down a missing teenager.

Wildflower is about a girl who is in the background of her father’s band but one night needs to be front and center. This leads to her own recording contract and celebrity status. My favorite part of this book is that the character has a hit song and the lyrics and music are in the back of the book which I think Is so cool and not something that I have seen before.

I am looking forward to reading both of these books in the future.

Keep reading…Lola



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