Today’s Blog is going to be the book series that I won’t read. I am not going to say that I never will read any of these but as of right now, most of them I have no interest in reading anytime soon.

1. The Lord Of The Rings. I tried to watch the first movie and I just couldn’t get into it and I know that books are usually better than the movie but it just isn’t something that I am into right now and I don’t see myself reading them anytime soon.

2. The Selection Series. I have heard a lot of good things about this series actually but I just feel like there are other books that are similar so reading them won’t really give me something different to read, if that makes sense.

3. Beautiful Creatures. I saw this movie and absolutely hated it so reading the books just aren’t appealing to me.

4. The Mortal Instruments. I saw the movie and thought that it was alright. I tried to watch the T.V. show but I just couldn’t get into that. Reading the books just aren’t something of interest to me at the moment.

5. Pretty Little Liars ~ I read some of the first book but I watched the television show before I read the book and I really love the show but it’s so different from the books that I just don’t want to read them. I looked up spoilers for the books and I just can’t get past the differences with each of the characters. This is one series that I can say for sure I will never read.

6. Harry Potter. I have watched three of the movies and really enjoyed them but I’m not sure that I would enjoy the books. This series may show up way in the future though after my TBR has vanished!

7. Game Of Thrones. I have heard that the show is so much different from the books and I love the show so I’m constantly thinking about how the Pretty Little Liars series is so much different than the show that I hate the books so I don’t know if I want to give this series a go in the future or not.

So there is my list of book series that I won’t read. Like I said before my mind may change on some of these but for right now they just are not something that I am looking to read.

What series are you against reading? Are there any others that I shouldn’t waste my time on? Any of these that you highly recommend in the future?

Keep reading…Lola


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