This is different from any of the other book reviews I have done because it isn’t a novel, it’s an autobiography. I am going to use a different format for this review and instead of putting it in different sections and giving details on characters, I am just going to give a summary and my thoughts.

sTORItelling was written by Tori Spelling. For anyone who doesn’t know, Tori Spelling is the daughter of late producer Aaron Spelling. She is best known for her role as Donna Martin on Beverly Hills, 90210. She has also been in several made for TV movies as well as multiple reality shows.
sTORItelling starts out with Tori describing what it was like growing up as Aaron and Candi Spelling’s daughter. She talks about working with her dad, about her relationships with both her mom and her dad. She and her dad were close but she had a sort of strained relationship with her mom. She talks about her days on 90210 and the drama that sometimes happened on set. She talks about her first boyfriend, her first breakup, losing her virginity, her first husband and divorce, her affair with her second husband Dean McDermott, who she met and fell in love with on the set of a movie, while they were both married. She talks about their wedding as well as the birth of their first child, son Liam.

Going into reading this book, I wasn’t really expecting much. I had been wanting to read it and when I saw it at a local Goodwill for $2 I decided to give it a try thinking I would read it, probably hate it but I wouldn’t be out a lot of money. I was expecting it to be this ditzy blonde trying to tell bad jokes and acting like she is just so much better than anyone else. I expected her to talk about all the glamorous things she did or had as a child and I expected the work of a spoiled rich kid. I got the exact opposite.

I obviously don’t know Tori Spelling personally so I can’t say what she’s like but from watching her on talk shows and on reality shows, this book is her voice 100%. As I was reading it, I could imagine her in front of me saying all of this stuff to me face to face. I don’t know if she used a ghost writer but if she did they did an amazing job of bringing Tori’s voice out.

I thought I was going to get glamour and spoiled rich kid, instead she talked about how she wanted a normal Halloween costume but her mother always insisted on having custom-made over the top costumes, for example one year she had to go as Marie Antoinette and described her costume as heavy and uncomfortable and I believe she said she was 11. She described her over the top birthday parties and how every year she got a doll. A doll that she could never touch or play with and a doll that she didn’t even want and creeped her out. It was a doll that her mother loved. She talks about how one day she asked her mom if she was pretty when she was 9 years old and her mother told her she would be as soon as she got a nose job. She talks about her first wedding and all the things her and her fiancé wanted. Her mother basically planned the whole thing the way she wanted and didn’t really care what Tori and Charlie wanted. They uninvited people they wanted there to make more room for her mother’s guests. Charlie’s family lived in another state and her mother said she would pay to fly them in and put them up in a hotel and then at the last-minute only paid a small portion. She decided to have a brunch at an expensive hotel, that Tori didn’t even want to begin with, and then threw a hissy fit over something making it all about her. She talks about how she was having doubts about getting married but went through with it to make everyone else happy. A year into marriage to went to Canada to film a made for TV movie where she met her leading man Dean McDermott. While filming, they started an affair and fell in love, both of them were still married. She details their affair and what they both were feeling. She explains how they broke the news to their spouses and friends. She talks about their wedding and how they wanted to do it alone so they went to Fiji. She talks about their lives as a married couple completely in love with each other and their decision to open a Bed and Breakfast. She ends her book talking about her pregnancy and the birth of their first child, a boy they named Liam Aaron Mcdermont.

There are so many other things in this book, but those are the ones that stuck out to me the most. Tori used humor in the right places and she didn’t try to go over the top with her jokes. I laughed and cried. I was very impressed with the writing of this book and I really enjoyed it. I have actually already picked up her second book Mommywood and I can’t wait to read it. If you want to read an unexpectedly good book, definitely give this one a try.

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