These are the books that I read in the month of June. Some were for the PopSugar Reading Challenge and others were for free reading. I had a pretty good reading month and read some very good books.


Go Set A Watchman by Harper Lee. This was a free read and it was very good. I do have to say that I enjoyed To Kill A Mockingbird more but this was a good sequel and worth a try.

Tiger Lily by Jodi Lyn Anderson. This was also a free read and a very enjoyable retelling of Tiger Lily from Peter Pan. I initially thought that it was a retelling of Tinkerbell but it is actually told from her point of view. I really thought it was an interesting retelling.

Seeds of Yesterday by V.C. Andrews. This was a free read as well as a reread for me. I really love The Flowers In The Attic series and will be doing a review when I read the prequel in the next few months.

Rules Of Summer by Joanna Philbin. This is a book I read for the reading challenge for a book that takes place during the summer. This is also a book that I got in a BookCase.Club box. It was a really good YA novel that was a quick summer read. A review is coming up soon.

Why Men Love Bitches by Sherry Argov. This was also part of the reading challenge. I chose this book for a self-improvement book. It was a good read. Really funny at times and gives you a lot to think about in the process.

Wrecked by Elle Casey. This was a free read and I only read it because I was looking for a book to read on my kindle on my commute to work. This book was free so I got it and surprisingly really enjoyed it. It’s a sweet YA novel and it went along rather quickly.

Reckless by Elle Casey. This is the last book I read in June and it was a free read. Reckless is the sequel to Wrecked. I loved the first book so much I went ahead and bought the sequel for $5 as soon as I was done with the first one. Really nice conclusion. A review will be coming for these two books as well.

I read a total of seven books. Two of them were from the reading challenge and the other five were free reads. The only two books that I didn’t read from my June TBR were Ariel by Grace Tiffany because I just couldn’t get into it so I stopped reading it and Cress by Marissa Meyer because I wasn’t able to get it from the library until the second to the last day of June.

So that is what I read in June. I really liked all of the books that I read and I think I gave them all 5 stars on Goodreads. Definitely go check them out if you haven’t already.

Keep reading…Lola


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