Today’s blog is different from others that I have written so far. I am going to list the YouTubers/BookTubers that I enjoy watching on YouTube.

  1. Hails Hearts NYC. Hailey does reviews of YA books, she does tag videos and other bookish type videos. (She is now Hailey In Bookland)
  2. Alita Joy. She does book hauls, Q & A’s and she sings occasionally.
  3. The Book Hoarder. Dana does a lot of unboxing videos. She VLOGs as well.
  4. Super Space Chick. Kristin does monthly TBR videos as well as monthly Wrap Up videos. She loves Disney and does hauls as well.
  5. RGsDevilship. I love this girl. She has such an awesome personality and doesn’t care what people think.
  6. Katytastic. Katy has a very bubbly personality and she makes her videos so entertaining.

Those are the six BookTubers that I watch most often. Definitely go and check them all out.

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