I am a big fan of the Olympics so when I saw that there were some Olympics tags, I had to do one. I saw this tag on The Awkward Book Blogger’s blog.

100m/ A book you have raced through


I got this book for free on Kindle and I initially thought it was a humorous book but it turns out that it is an adult fiction that depicts the life of college freshman in a sorority. It turned out to be a good read and it was on the shorter side so I breezed though it.

Synchronized Diving/ A perfect couple


This is the third book in the Hazards series and I think my favorite one. I love Chase and Cara as a couple. I feel like there isn’t really any drama between the two of them and they just try to make things work.
Michael Phelps/ The best book you’ve ever read


Nicholas Sparks is my all-time favorite author and The Notebook is my favorite book. I can read it over and over and never get sick of it.
Simone Biles/ A short and sweet book


I love the Vampire Kisses series. They are young adult novels and short enough where they can be finished in a couple of hours depending on how fast you read. The romance between Alexander and Raven is incredibly sweet.
Rugby 7s/ A tough book you struggled to finish

This was a tough book in the sense that it was a major tearjerker. Not since The Last Song have I cried so much. The last 30 or so pages were so hard to finish because I was crying so bad I couldn’t see.

Golf/ A new genre outside of your comfort zone


I’m not big on graphic novels but I am trying to expand my reading genres. I started with the Anita Blake Series because I’ve read all of the books and loved them so I thought this was a good starting spot.

Hepathlon/ The best series


By far the best series so far is The Sisterhood Of The Traveling Pants. I loved reading this as a kid and I am looking forward to rereading the series in the future.
So that was the Olympics tag. I tag everyone who wants to do it…

Keep reading…Lola


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