This blog post I am writing because there were a lot of things about The Lunar Chronicles that I loved but I couldn’t write about in my review because they would have spoiled the series too much. I am going to spoil each book in the series so if you haven’t read the series but you want to and not be spoiled, I wouldn’t read this blog. I am going to write about each book separately and in order so if you have read some of them, you can read about those books. I’m going to have the cover separate each one so the next book won’t be spoiled for the people who haven’t finished the series.

Cinder is based on Cinderella and there are some Cinderella fairy tale elements that I loved being included. Cinder has a mean step mother and she has two step sisters. I did like that only Pearl was mean but Peony and Cinder loved each other and played together. Peony even helped Cinder in her mechanic booth. I loved that during the ball when Cinder ran out and fell her foot came off and Kai picked it up. I really enjoyed the budding relationship between Kai and Cinder but I was kind of surprised and a little disappointed that he treated her the way he did when he learned that she was a cyborg and Lunar. I can understand the Lunar part because at that moment he wasn’t sure if his feelings for her were real or if he was just being glamoured but I was hoping that he would have at least tried to get answers from her considering that she went there to save his life. I also liked that Cress was introduced in this book when she warned Cinder that Queen Levana was going to kill Kai after he married her, even though we didn’t know who she was at the time. Also Thorne was introduced in this book as well when he escaped with Cinder from the jail. I was surprised that Cinder turned out to be Princess Selene, I honestly didn’t think she was going to be one of the main characters when Kai mentioned finding her even though everyone believed she was dead. Although I enjoyed the original fairy tale elements I also liked that she had her own story. She was a cyborg so she had a metal hand and foot and she was basically a programmed computer. I thought that was a cool original spin as well.

Scarlet is based on Little Red Riding Hood. Scarlet lived with her grandmother and I really liked that the grandmother was included in this retelling. She wore a red hoodie in the book which I thought was a cool change. I loved that her love interests name is Wolf, I thought that was funny and definitely a different take on the classic. I loved Scarlet and Wolf’s romance from the beginning. He was programmed to be a vicious monster and against everything that he was told and made into, he went against it all and fell in love with Scarlet anyway. I thought their kiss on the train was so romantic and intense, as I was reading it , I think I held my breath. The way that Marissa Meyer explained it, I couldn’t help but think the whole time, that is how a first kiss should be. It was such a visual thing, I could see it as it was happening as if I was watching a movie. I love when a scene in a book is written like that. I was heart-broken when her grandmother was killed, I really expected her and Wolf to save her, especially after finding out that Wolf was pretending to be the bad guy. I was so happy when Cinder and Thorne showed up toward the end of the book and Scarlet, even though she was still mad at Wolf and he kind of frightened her, she wouldn’t let them hurt him or leave without him. I think this book is my favorite of the whole series because of their love story.

Cress is based on the fairy tale Rapunzel. She is being kept imprisoned on a satellite, much like Rapunzel was being kept in a tower in the fairy tale. I love that when Thorne goes in to save her and then everything goes wrong and their satellite pod crashes, he becomes blind. That’s what happens in the original fairy tale. I don’t know if it was done purposely, but I love that his last name is Thorne because in the original, the prince becomes blinded by thorns. Also his ships name is the Rampion, which is the plant from the original story when its translated to English. Also Thorne has to cut Cress’ hair because it becomes tangled around them and in the original story, Rapunzel’s hair is cut by Dame Gothel. I liked having Dr. Erland be Cress’ father but I was disappointed that he died from the plague before they really got to know each other. Another aspect of Cress’ story that I liked was that she was smart and resourceful, even though she wasn’t treated the best way and she had gone years without really seeing the outside or being around a lot of people. I also of course loved the relationship between Thorne and Cress. This was one of the slower moving relationships of the series. In Cress, it’s obvious that there is something there. Cress tells Thorne in the desert that she is in love with him even though they just met but he basically tells her that she is a good friend. Then during the battle after Cinder kidnaps Emperor Kai, Thorne kisses Cress after he promised her that she wouldn’t die without having a real first kiss. I actually kind of liked that Cress and Thorne’s first kiss wasn’t really romantic. He was blind and they were in the middle of a battle that they thought they were going to lose so he kissed her to keep his promise. I also enjoyed Kai and Cinder’s first kiss aboard the Rampion. So sweet and well worth the wait.

Winter is based on Snow White. Princess Winter is the step daughter of Queen Levana. Even though Levana glamours everyone into thinking that she is the most beautiful, Winter has three scars on her face but the Lunar people still think that she is the most beautiful. They all love her and the Queen wants her dead just like in the original fairy tale. Queen Levana orders Jacin, her royal guard who she also knows is in love with Winter, to kill her much like the evil queen in Snow White asks the Huntsman to do the same. Another part taken from the original fairy tale is that when Queen Levana learns that Winter is still alive she disguises herself as an old woman and gives her a piece of her favorite candy which is infected with the plague. In the orignal story the evil queen diguises herself as a peddler and brings Snow White silky laced bodices and then ties them so tight she faints and leaves her for dead but the dwarfs save her, then she brushes her hair with a poisoned comb and again she is saved, then she gives her an apple that’s poisoned and this time she cannot be saved by the dwarfs, so thinking she is dead they put her in a glass coffin. In Winter, they put the Princess in a tank to slow the spread of the disease until they can get her the antidote. After Princess Winter is cured and the battle rages on, Winter, after not having used her Lunar gift for years, uses it to save Jacin and then goes insane and has to be restrained in the med center because she screams and lashes out. While watching over her, Jacin kisses her and she opens her eyes, and to his surprise is calm but delusional. I loved that Winter refused to use her glamour even though she knew that it would make her go insane because she didn’t want to control people and make them do things against their will. I again loved the relationship between Jacin and Winter. They were best friends and grew up together and fell in love. Jacin is very protective of Winter and helps her through her hallucinations from the Lunar sickness. A couple of things happen in this book that don’t have to do with Winter but that I loved. The first is the Cress and Thorne finally have their first real kiss and they profess their love to one another. I loved the kiss between them. It was so intense and so worth the wait. The final thing I loved in this book was that at the end Kai gave Cinder back the foot that she dropped during the ball in the first book and told her that the person the foot fit was meant to be with him. I thought that was a good twist on the original. I loved the conclusion to this series.

So those are the fairy tale elements that I liked that were included in each of the books as well as my thoughts in general. Again, I gave all the books a 5 out of 5 stars and I highly recommend this series to anyone who loves to read YA or fairytale retellings especially.

Keep reading…Lola


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