These are the books that I read in August. I read all of the books from my TBR plus one other book. I was really hoping to read more but the Olympics were on so that cut into my reading time!


Since Last Summer by Joanna Philbin. This is the conclusion to the Rules Of Summer duology. I am going to be doing a review for these books so look for that soon.

Devoted by Hilary Duff. This is the second book in the Elixir trilogy. In this book, Clea is trying to find out what happened to Sage and how to save him if he is still alive.

True by Hilary Duff. The conclusion to the Elixir trilogy. We find out what becomes of all the characters and if they get their happy endings.

Confessions Of A Shopaholic by Sophie Kinsella. I had heard so many things about this series that I couldn’t wait to pick it up. I really enjoyed this first book although the main character was unlikable at times. I am going to be posting a review soon, I just don’t know if I am going to wait until I finish the series.

The Pact by Jodi Picoult. I really enjoyed this book and I am posting a review in the next week or so.

A Lion Called Christian by Anthony Bourke & Johns Rendall. This was a cute read. I think I like the YouTube video better than the actual book but it was fun to read about how they came to own a lion and what it was like for them to care for him and then let him go.

The Wizard Of Oz By L. Frank Baum. I finally read this book and I loved it. It was fun to see the changes they made when they did the movie as well (I didn’t know that Dorothy’s shoes were actually silver not ruby)

That’s what I read in August. Hoping for a successful September as well!

Keep reading…Lola


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