Here is my review for the Rules Of Summer Duology but Joanna Philbin.

Rules Of Summer~ In the first book we meet Rory McShane, who has decided to go to East Hampton for the summer to be an errand girl for a rich family that her aunt works for and Isabel Rule, who just wants to have a summer romance. The Rules are a rich family with a summer home in the Hamptons and along with Isabel, we get to know her mother and father as well as her brother Conner. She also has an older brother and sister, Sloane and Gregory but they are only minor characters and aren’t mentioned much.

In the first book, quite a bit of stuff happens. There are secrets that are found out when it comes to Isabel’s family and Rory has a little one of her own that tests her friendship with Isabel. I enjoyed seeing the friendship between the girls grow over the summer, whether they were bonding over Isabel’s summer romance or Rory teaching her how to drive. I really liked the ending of the first book as well because it ended in a good place where there didn’t have to be a sequel but there were also some things that could be explored still.

SPOILERS: There could be some spoilers for the second book if you haven’t read the first book so proceed at your own risk!

Since Last Summer~ The second book takes place the summer after the first book. Isabel has invited Rory to stay at the beach house for the summer, and this time she goes not as the help but as Isabel’s friend and Conner’s girlfriend. This book has a little more drama than the first one. First of all, Rory knows the Rules secret but doesn’t tell Conner so she is kind of wrestling with the guilt over that. Also after spending a year on a long distance relationship, she starts to wonder if Conner’s world is the right one for her. Mike broke Isabel’s heart the summer before, but when she begins dating a new guy, Evan and then runs into Mike, she can’t stop thinking about him.

I thought this book was good, although not as good as the first one. I really didn’t like the ending of this one at all and I feel like the whole thing was rushed. I also at times got sick of Isabel’s character, she would make a step forward and then take two steps back and act like a spoiled brat. I liked Rory and Conner’s relationship in the beginning of the book but then I feel like the author was writing about a different character when it came to Conner later on.

For the most part, these books were good. They weren’t fantastic reads that you would talk about for the next year, but they were quick and fun YA reads. They also make really good beach reads as well. I gave Rules Of Summer 5 stars because I really did enjoy it and thought that the ending was pretty solid. I gave Since Last Summer 4 stars simply because I didn’t like the rushed ending.

So that’s my review for the Rules Of Summer duology. I would recommend these books because they were fun and quick beach reads.

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