For todays Blog post I am doing the Addams Family Book Tag. This tag was created by Hannah Tay on YouTube. I wanted to do a Halloween tag and when I saw this one, I just had to do it because I love the Addams Family.

1. Morticia Addams~ The mother and a witch: What is your favorite witch book?


I haven’t read many books with witches in them but I always liked The Crucible by Arthur Miller.

2. Gomez Addams~ The loving father: Who is your favorite fictional father?


I think my favorite fictional father is Charlie from the Twilight series. I loved him when he tried to have the talk with Bella and I loved the whole scene when Bella and Edward tell him that they are getting married.

3. Uncle Fester~ Can generate electricity: What book makes you light up so much that you can’t stop yourself from talking about it?


The Notebook by Nicholas Sparks. This is my all time favorite book and if I could only recommend one book, it would be this one.

4.Wednesday Addams~ Obsessed with death: If you could have killed off a character in any book who would it be?


This one was kind of hard but I am going to go with Becky from the Shopaholic series by Sophie Kinsella. The only reason I am choosing this way is because I thought that at times she was super annoying and just made horrible decisions.

5. Pugsley Addams~ Has a vicious nature and plays nasty pranks on everyone: Who is your favorite villain?


Silas from The Da Vinci Code by Dan Brown. I don’t know why I like this character so much but I do. I also love the character in the movie adaptation.

6. Lurch~ Based on Frankenstein and a zombie: What is your favorite adaptation of a story?


Scarlet by Marissa Meyer. I love this Little Red Riding Hood adaptation and it is my favorite of all the books in The Lunar Chronicles series.

7. Grandmama~ An old classic witch: What is your favorite old classic horror book?


I surprisingly haven’t read many horror books at all which is sad because horror is my favorite movie genre but I am hoping to change that. Right now my answer to this question is Carrie by Stephen King.

8. Show us some of your horror books.

These are some of my horror/mystery books. I’m still working on my collection and I haven’t read many horror books.

9. What are you going out as for Halloween this year?

I am not going out this year, I am staying home and passing out candy but I am going to dress up as a cat.

10. Favorite Halloween films?

The Addams Family, Hocus Pocus, Ernest Scared Stupid, the Halloween series and just anything scary.

I tag everyone that wants to do it.

Keep reading…Lola


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