Feuds and Torn are YA dystopian novels by Avery Hastings.

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Davis is a prior, primed her whole life to be perfect. She is a dedicated ballerina who is looking to qualify for the Olympiads so that she can live up to her mother’s legacy.

Cole is a Gen also called an Imp for Imperfect. He is a rising star in the Feuds, which is an underground fighting ring in which Priors gamble on the Imps.

Davis’ father is running for political office and wants to keep Priors and Gens segregated. They do not belong together although Gens are responsible for keeping the city of Columbus clean, while they live in the Slants and don’t even have safe drinking water. Parson Abel is also running for political office. He happens to CPM of the Feuds, which are illegal and he tasks Cole with meeting Davis and taking photos of the two of them in a compromising position to discredit her father so he can win. Of course the two end up falling in love and when Davis finds out that Cole is an Imp, she is initially upset but realizes that he may be the only one who can help her when Narxis, a deadly virus starts killing Priors and they refuse to acknowledge the epidemic.

I received this in my first BookCase.Club box and didn’t really know what to expect but it turned out to be an amazing YA novel in my opinion. I thought the writing was well done and the romance wasn’t done in a corny way like some YA romances are. I felt like Davis and Cole had real relationship problems along the lines of being from opposite sides of town and trying to fit in with each other while people around them may not be supportive or welcoming. I loved the cliffhanger ending, which normally I hate, but because I knew there was another novel it just made me more excited to continue with the series.

I loved the relationship between Cole and Davis. It was sweet but intense and it made each of them think differently about themselves as well as each other. I enjoyed the friendship aspect of the story as well. The friendship between Davis and her friend Vera, The friendship between Cole and his friend Worsley as well as the relationships that Davis had with her little sister Fia and Cole had with his brother Hamilton. I only wish that they would have developed a little more throughout the novel.

Spoilers: This section contains spoilers if you haven’t read Feuds yet.

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Torn takes place where Feuds left off.

Davis is on her way to TOR-N, a Narxis research center that isn’t what it seems to be. There she meets another recovered patient named Mercer. Together they realize the wrong doings that are happening and decide that they need to escape in order to find a cure and help save their loved ones and friends.

Cole meanwhile has been in hiding since faking his death, and after learning that Gens can compete against Priors for the first time in the Olympiads, decides to take on his friend’s identity in order to compete and win the prize money in order to give his mother and brother a better life and to save Davis.

I loved that this novel had more action in it than the first one. This novel also had a couple of little surprises that I wasn’t expecting but that I really enjoyed. There was a lot less romance in this book than the first, but without giving away any spoilers, I am happy about that. I liked the additions of new characters Mercer and Mari. Mercer helped Davis in so many ways and made her realize how she felt about certain things and Mari was such a good friend to Cole and without her, he may not have been able to train so quickly and efficiently for the Olympiads.

I think that this novel is the perfect conclusion to the series. All the loose ends were tied up from the first novel and all questions were answered. I feel like the ending was complete and well written. It was very satisfying but I am going to miss Davis and Cole very much. I gave both novels in the duology 5 stars on Goodreads and highly recommend it to anyone who loves YA or just a quick and easy read.

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