For todays blog I decided to do something a little different. These are things that I do when I am reading and some of them help me to be able to read more books. Maybe they can help you too!

  1. The first thing I always do (if I am home) is find a comfy spot, whether it’s on my bed or my couch. I find that if I am comfortable, I will stay there and read longer and I don’t get up and move around as much.
  2. I always have a cup of tea or hot chocolate by me while I am reading. Those two things just make me feel good and I think that they go along with reading very well! Plus I don’t have to get up to go get a drink if I am thirsty.
  3. Kindle or some other reading app. I always keep my Kindle with me because if I find myself stuck somewhere or having to wait for a long period of time, I can read while I do that and in turn I get more books finished hopefully.
  4. Read in the Bath. If I feel like relaxing and soaking in the tub, I always bring a book with me. For one, I find reading very relaxing, and two if you are going to be lying or sitting there soaking in the tub, why not get some reading in as well. 🙂
  5. Anytime I travel I make sure to bring my Kindle as well as plenty of books. I like to have a backup if my Kindle ends up dying on the road.
  6. The last thing I do before I go to bed is READ. Reading before bed relaxes me and it’s my way of getting a few more pages in before I have to call it a day and start all over the next morning.

I hope these help. Let me know what you do to read more books.

Keep reading…Lola



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