Todays blog is my book subscription unboxing. I decided to put them both together from now on instead of doing two separate blog posts.

And The Story Begins ~ Adult Fiction Box

Yesterday’s Sun by Amanda Brooke ~ This is an adult novel about newlyweds who move into their dream home and while renovating, find the missing top to the moondial in their garden. One night under the full moon, it reveals the future…where her husband is taking care of their (future) baby daughter alone.

The Juror by George Dawes Green ~ This is an adult novel that revolves around a single mother who is summoned for jury duty. One day a mob mastermind, known as “The Teacher” promises her that her son will be safe, she will no longer struggle in her career as a sculptor, and her friends will stay alive, if she says not guilty.

BookCase.Club ~ Young Adult Box (Teenage Dreams)

Maybe One Day by Melissa Kantor ~ This is a young adult novel about two best friends, Zoe and Olivia, who dream of one day touring the world as prima ballerinas. Then one day Olivia gets sick and it’s more than just a cold…

Reality Boy by A.S. King ~ This young adult novel is about Gerald Faust, whose mother invited a TV reality crew into their house when he was just five years old. Twelve years later, he is haunted by his rage-filled childhood. His anger issues have resulted in violent outbursts and he has no friends. He tries to control himself but begins to feel dangerously close to snapping.

All of these books sound so interesting and I am looking forward to reading them all in the future. The book that I am the most excited for is Reality Boy because it is the only book that I have ever received in a box that I have heard about. There is one other book that I have seen on a shelf in a store but this one I have heard a lot about on YouTube and I have heard nothing but good things about it. I can’t wait!

Keep reading…Lola


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