I have been a fan of vlogmas and bookmas on YouTube for a long time and have been thinking about doing something like that on my blog for a while. I have seen a few people doing blogmas, where they put out a new blog post every day in December until Christmas. I came to the conclusion that I wouldn’t have time to do it every day so I decided that I would do it for the last twelve days leading up to Christmas. I drew inspiration from Hailey In Bookland (formerly Hails Hearts NYC) on YouTube and decided to do a book twelve days of Christmas. So every day from December 13th until December 24th, I will be posting on my blog and each day will be devoted to a genre or other bookish related topic. Below I’m going to list the topics that I came up with for the twelve days of Blogmas.

December 13~ Day One~ One Favorite Book

December 14~ Day Two~ Two Favorite Authors (I am choosing a male author and a female author)

December 15~ Day Three~ Three Adult Series

December 16~ Day Four~ Four YA Series

December 17~ Day Five~ Five Favorite Children’s Reads

December 18~ Day Six~ Six Celebrity Reads

December 19~ Day Seven ~ Seven Favorite Classics

December 20~ Day Eight~ Eight Series I Need To Finish

December 21~ Day Nine~ Nine New Books (These are going to be new books that I bought otherwise my haul will be huge)

December 22~ Day Ten~ Ten Most Disappointing Reads

December 23~ Day Eleven~ Eleven Most Surprising Reads

December 24~ Day Twelve~ Twelve Favorite Couples (They do not have to be romantic)

So that is my plan for Twelve Days Of Blogmas!

Keep reading…Lola


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