In A Dark Dark Wood by Ruth Ware is a psychological thriller.


Leonora “Nora” is a crime writer, who one day receives an invitation for a weekend getaway in the English countryside to celebrate an old friends “hen”; a friend that she hasn’t seen in ten years. forty-eight hours later, she wakes up in a hospital only knowing that someone is dead. Nora has to piece together what happened and as she does so, revisits parts of herself that she would rather keep in the past.

I heard about this book from booktuber Andbookhoarding. She reviewed it on her channel and said that she guessed the killer halfway through the book. I found her review interesting so I wanted to pick it up and check it out for myself, although I am always disappointed when I can pick out the killer early on.

While reading the book, I thought I had the killer figured out right away. I thought to myself “it’s so obvious who it is, that’s so disappointing.” Imagine my shock when I get almost to the end of the book and it’s NOT who I thought it was at all. Not only was I shocked by the killer’s reveal but also by this person’s motives and history.

I really enjoyed this book. It was definitely a page turner and I had trouble putting it down. I thought the writing was done beautifully and loved the transitions between present day and forty-eight hours earlier. I really liked the characters as well. I never felt like one of them wasn’t needed, they all had their place within the novel.

Surprisingly, I didn’t really have any issues at all. I wish the ending was a bit more conclusive, but at the same time I think that it ended where it needed to, if that makes any sense.

I gave this book 5 stars on Goodreads and definitely recommend it to everyone!

Keep reading…Lola


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