I was planning on doing a review of the whole Vampire Kisses series but there are nine books and it would have ended up being a novella! Instead, I am going to just quickly summarize each book and then do a review on the final book. Also there will be a spoiler at the end because I can’t do this review without it, I’ve waited years for the end of this series!!!

Vampire Kisses is a young adult fantasy series written by Ellen Schreiber.

Vampire Kisses ~ Book One: It follows 16-year-old Raven Madison, a gothic girl living in a polo wearing, ordinary town. One day an abandoned mention gets new residents and the town quickly spreads the rumor that vampires have moved in. Raven has always had a fascination with vampires so she is ecstatic when she finds out the teenage boy, Alexander Sterling, that lives there is in fact a vampire.

Kissing Coffins ~ Book Two:  The book picks up where the first books leaves off. After Alexander has flown away and leaves town, Raven goes to a town called Hipsterville to visit her aunt, but the real reason behind her visit is that she thinks Alexander is there. She ends up meeting another vampire who she finds out wants Alexander so she travels back home, hoping to keep him safe.

Vampireville ~ Book Three: After learning why the other vampire (Jagger) wants Alexander, He and Raven need to find him and his twin sister (Luna) before they turn the town into vampires.

Dance With A Vampire ~ Book Four: In this book we are introduced to Jagger and Luna’s 11-year-old brother Valentine causes a few issues when he befriends Raven’s little brother Billy. Also Raven’s high school prom brings some very interesting entertainment.

The Coffin Club ~ Book Five: Raven returns to Hipsterville and the Coffin Club in this book. While at the club, Raven discovers “The Dungeon”, a place that only vampires circulate. Jagger wants to take over Hipsterville, but when a new vampire names Phoenix shows up, he challenges him for control of the Coffin Club.

Royal Blood ~ Book Six: This book introduces Alexander’s parents. Raven is invited to a dinner with Alexander and his parents and the night takes a turn that can transform Raven’s entire future with Alexander.

Love Bites ~ Book Seven: Alexander’s best friend Sebastian shows up in this book. At first Raven is jealous because she thinks that it will cut into her time with Alexander, but then she grows to really like him as a friend. What will happen to their friendship when Sabastian falls for Raven’s best friend, Becky?

Cryptic Cravings ~ Book Eight: Raven finally feels like things can be good in Dullsville, when Jagger decides to open up a teen dance club called The Crypt. Raven tries to convince Alexander that it can be a good thing, while the two of them try to convince Jagger that the club should only be for humans and the few vampires already in town, and not be open for outside vamps. Will this put an end to Alexander and Jagger’s truce?

Immortal Hearts Review


Immortal Hearts is the final book in the Vampire Kisses series.

In the final book, Raven is now seventeen and more in love with Alexander than ever before. She keeps bringing up him changing her and he never really wants to talk about it. Alexander’s sister Stormy heads to Dullsville for a visit with her brother. Raven worries that Stormy won’t like her and that they won’t have anything in common. When the day finally comes for them to meet things go smoothly. Storm loves the room that Raven has designed for her and she and Raven have lots in common. The one thing that makes Raven feel bad is that Storm wants to hang out with Luna, who isn’t exactly nice to Raven and wants Alexander for herself. Another conflict is Trevor, Raven’s enemy since they were kids. Although they don’t get along and Trevor constantly picks on Raven’s goth appearance, it is obvious that he secretly likes her. Jagger also tries to throw a wrench in her relationship with Alexander by offering all the things that she wants, except she would have to leave Alexander to be with him. Raven begins to question what it would be like to be a vampire in the Sterling family. Would she be a good vampire? What will she be giving up? Does Alexander really want to be with her for all of eternity? Will he ever change her? Will she ever become what she has always wanted to be?

I have been reading this series since for years and although it’s not what you would consider great literature, they are fun and easy reads. I really enjoyed this final book and I thought it had the perfect ending for the series. I loved the relationship between Alexander and Raven. It was just so sweet and fun to read about and watch evolve. I also really loved the friendship between Raven and Becky. I feel like this book touched on their friendship the most out of the series and we really got to see the way the felt about each other. They were more like sisters and didn’t want to be without each other. I enjoyed the humor in this book as well. I found myself laughing out loud during some of the scenes. I just love the general flow of the series. There wasn’t ever anything too dark or serious where you would think something bad could happen and I liked that. I liked the balance between things being serious to an extent and things being light and fun, it’s the way life should be.

I don’t want to say anymore. These books are so short but so much happens in them, They are fun and I think they could be enjoyed by anyone who loves YA, vampires, teen romance, short and quick reads. I gave all the books four or five stars on Goodreads and would definitely recommend them.

Keep reading…Lola

SPOILER: Don’t read if you don’t want to know the ending, although it may or may not be a surprise for you, I was expecting it.







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