Lucky You by Erika Carter was my January Book Of The Month Club selection. This is also a special release for BOTM because the novel doesn’t officially come out until March 14th.


Lucky You focuses on three woman in their early to mid twenties, Rachel, Ellie and Chloe. They are not your typical friends but they work at the same bar. Rachel and her boyfriend decide to live off-the-grid for a year and Ellie and Chloe soon follow her.

Rachel is in a relationship with Autry when the book begins. She is in the habit of always living with her boyfriends, never really being alone. She and Autry decide to move to a remote, rural house in the Ozarks owned by his parents. They begin “The Project” which is supposed to return their “health” in a year. Rachel asks Chloe and Ellie to join them.

Ellie doesn’t want to have any feelings. She spends her time drinking alcohol and being sexually promiscuous. At the start of the novel she is in a relationship with Jim, a member of a band. She ends up leaving the bar and goes to work for a Wal-Mart executive named Michael who is married and whom she starts an affair with. When she and Jim break up she decides to move to the Ozarks with Rachel.

Chloe pulls out patches of her own hair and struggles with the beginnings of mental illness, much like her mother had. She decides to join Rachel in the mountains as well.

First of all, I really liked this bunch of characters. They were all different and had their own issues to deal with. They weren’t the best of friends but they came together and kind of built their own type of friendship. Even the male characters of Autry, Jim, Michael, Jim’s former band mate Phoenix and their closest neighbor Ran. Each man has his own personality that is different from all the others but the whole group of characters just work well together no matter how small their part in the novel is.

Second, I enjoyed seeing the development of the women. Some made positive changes to their lives while others still struggled or went back to the versions of themselves before “the project”. I enjoyed getting to know them before and after and also to follow each of them on their journeys, together and separate.

Last, the story itself. I loved how the author told each of their stories separately and then told their stories as they came together in the house and then followed up with how each character turned out after the year was over.

Without giving away any spoilers, I loved where Chloe was at the end of the journey, Rachael, for the most part, I was happy to see where she went and as for Ellie, I am kind of half and half on her. I liked some aspects of where she was at the end and then other aspects I wasn’t much of a fan. That being said, I still loved spending time with these women.

The men were a different story. There wasn’t really much change to any of them but the focus was on the women so I didn’t really mind that at all. I must say that Jim and Ran were my favorite male characters. Towards the end, Autry got on my nerves and Michael was kind of a love/hate for me. Sometimes I loved him and other times I hated him. All of them were well written in my opinion though.

There are so many negative reviews on Goodreads but I tend to try things out for myself and I’m really glad that I decided to give this one a try. I gave it four stars on Goodreads and would definitely love to pick it up in the future for a reread.

There are many things that went on throughout the novel, but I don’t want to spoil or give anything away and I feel like if I give any more details or talk about it any further I might do that. All I can say is definitely check this one out. It was such a good read and I really did enjoy it.

Keep reading…Lola


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