Dead Letters by Caite Dolan-Leach was my March book pick. 

It’s about twin sisters Ava and Zelda.Ava is living in Paris but must return to upstate New York when Zelda dies. Then she receives a cryptic message, it’s from Zelda. Realizing she isn’t dead, Ava finds herself playing one of Zelda’s games, following the clues she left about her own disappearance. 

I also chose two other books from previous months that I have been wanting to read.

You Will Know Me by Megan Abbott. This is about a close-knit gymnastics community that is rocked by a violent death.

Swimming Lessons by Claire Fuller. In this novel Ingrid writes letters to her husband that she never gives to him, instead she hides them in the books that he owns. After writing her final letter she disappears and it is believed that she drowned. Twelve years later, her husband thinks he sees her through a window but thinks that it may just be his age playing tricks on him. One of their daughters return’s home to care for her father and wants to finally figure out what happened to her mother.

I can’t wait to dive into each of these novels. I highly recommend checking out Book Of The Month if you haven’t already.

Keep readin…Lola


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