These are the books that I got in the March YA BookCase.Club box.

Blythewood by Carol Goodman. This follows Ava as she starts going to a boarding school to uncover her family’s past and find the boy who once saved her life. The further she digs the more dangerous her life becomes.

Dangerous Creatures by Kami Garcia & Margaret Stohl. This follows Link, a wannabe rocker and his girlfriend Ridley, a Siren as they head to New York City so that Link can follow his dreams. When he takes up with a group of Dark Casters, Ridley realizes that they are not being honest with them. This is a companion series to the Beautiful Creatures series. Link is Ethan’s friend and Ridley is Lena’s cousin. Ethan and Lena are both from the Beautiful Creatures series.

The covers for both of these books are so beautiful. Although I have not been interested in reading the Beautiful Creatures series since I didn’t care for the movie, I might give this a try in the future. 

Keep reading…Lola


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