Behind Her Eyes by Sarah Pinborough is an adult psychological thriller.

The novel starts with divorced, single mother Louise finding out that David, the handsome stranger she made out with in a bar is her new boss, and that he is married to a woman named Adele. 

One day after dropping her son off at school she runs into a woman who falls down. She helps her up and realizes it’s David’s wife. The women talk for a couple minutes and Louise tells her she works for her husband, and Adele asks her out for tea. At first reluctant, Louise agrees and a friendship begins to develop, but Adele doesn’t want David to know.

Eventually things turn dark. David starts to look like a controlling husband and Adele seems frightened of him. As Louise becomes more involved in their marriage, more secrets come to light and Louise begins to realize that all may not be as it appears.

First off, I thought this book was amazing. It was different from anything I’ve read before.

I also really enjoyed the dream scenes. I’ve read reviews and a lot of people seemed to really dislike the dream aspect, but I thought it was pretty clever. I loved how the whole thing played out. I liked that Adele told Louise about lucid dreaming and how it helped her with night terrors when she was younger. The whole second door in the dream was something that I didn’t expect and I really liked how that all came about.

I loved the characters. Louise was a woman who loved her son more than anything and she was just a real woman that could be anyone in real life. She was hurt by a divorce and just wanted to be loved. David was this handsome man who worked hard and protected his wife, but also maybe had a dark side with lots of secrets. Adele was a loving wife and just wanted to make friends. She had a rough time as a teenager and had secrets of her own.

I thought the writing was done beautifully. I really connected with the characters. I felt for them and even if they did some not so good things, I still tried to see that maybe they had a reason for it.

And now to the most important part…THAT ENDING!

I got this book from Book Of The Month and the judge had said something like if you think you know the ending, you don’t. I DIDN’T! Just when I thought everything came to light and that every question was answered and it was the end and time to move on…nope there was a plot twist and you get a different ending then what you thought, and man was that an ending! My jaw dropped, my mouth was wide open and the only thing I said was “what the hell just happened?”

Amazing amazing amazing. I gave this 5 stars on Goodreads and highly recommend it.

Keep reading…Lola


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