I Found You by Lisa Jewell is an adult mystery thriller. It follows a single mother named Alice, a newlywed named Lily, and a man who has no memory of who he is. There are also flashbacks of something that happened twenty-three years prior.

Alice Lake is a single mother who finds a man sitting by her house. He tells her he doesn’t know his name or remember anything about his life.  It’s raining and he has no jacket, and against her better judgement she invites him to stay the night in the studio room she has in her backyard.

Elsewhere in London, Lily Monrose is a newlywed who has only been married for three weeks when her husband fails to come home from work. She calls the police and soon finds out that her husband never existed.

Twenty-three years earlier,  seventeen-year old Gray and fifteen-year old Kirsty are enjoying their summer vacation with their parents. One day while they are at the beach they meet Mark, a nineteen-year old boy who is staying with his aunt at her vacation home. He takes an instant liking to Kirsty and invites them all to dinner.

Throughout the book, the mysterious man who Alice calls “Frank” begins to remember and tries to piece things together with the help of Alice. Lily tries to figure out who she married and what happened to him with the help of one of his friends. Also the story from twenty-three years ago begins to unravel. Eventually all the secrets are revealed and every character is connected in some way.

I thought the book started out slow and was worried that it was going to be added to my (short) DNF list but then it really picked up and I could not put it down.

First I’ll start with the things that I didn’t like. At times I thought that Alice was annoying. She has three kids by three different men and says that she makes bad choices and always falls for the wrong men but then she invites a complete stranger into her home and into her children’s lives. I found myself yelling at her in my head “what are you doing? Maybe he’s lying about not being able to remember. Maybe he’s a serial killer. Are you crazy?” Then there were other times where I thought she’s been unlucky in love and she’s probably lonely and just wants to find the one. I also really disliked how easy it was for Gray and Kirsty’s parents to let their daughter go on a date with an older boy. She was 15 and he was 19 which isn’t that big of a difference but when one is an adult and the other is a minor, that’s just creepy. Also, they meet Mark in the morning at the beach and then they go and have dinner with him that evening. I just thought that was a little odd.

I really enjoyed the characters for the most part though. I thought each of them were different and brought something new to the story as a whole. I loved the mystery and suspense. Like I said before it had a slow start but once it picked up it was amazing and I couldn’t put it down. I wanted to know what happened next. I was also happy with the ending. There was a time early on in the book when I thought I knew who “Frank” was and that was my thinking throughout the book but then other things came to light and I started to realize that I was wrong. I definitely guessed who he was but not as soon as I thought which I liked. I loved how Lily and Frank’s story connected with Gray and Kirsty’s and how everything came together in the end. It was a very satisfying conclusion.

I gave I Found You 4 stars on Goodreads and yes I would recommend it, you just need to get through the slow beginning but I promise you it is so worth it.

Keep reading…Lola


I received this book from Netgalley and if you read my March Wrap Up blog there was some confusion on when it is being released. Netgalley said one date and Amazon said another and then Goodreads said another. I did some more research and the book was actually released in Great Britain in 2016 by Century and will be released for the first time in paperback by Arrow Books in 2017. I believe the release date for that is April 25th.


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