I received this book from Netgalley in exchange for an honest review. I am not entirely sure when this book is going to be released because I have seen August 17, 2017 and November 2, 2017 but November 2nd seems to be the one I see most.

The House by Simon Lelic follows Jack and Syd. They bought a house and at the start of the novel someone has been murdered almost at their back door. The police start looking at them and they begin to write down the events that lead to their current situation.

When I started this book I thought it was going to be a haunted house type of story but it wasn’t at all. In fact the story didn’t have anything to do with the house in the slightest. This is a mystery/thriller/suspense type of story and it was so good.

I really liked that the story was told by both Jack and Syd. You saw both sides and I thought it was interesting that when one of them misunderstood, the other kind of set them straight. I also enjoyed the dynamic between the two. Syd had more of a tough childhood and upbringing and Jack was close with his parents. I think Jack brings out the softer side in Syd and they complement each other very well.

I loved the story of Elsie. It made the story richer I think. It also made Syd a softer character, but in a different way than Jack made her soft because she was reminded of her sister and I think that made her a different person. I think that had Elsie not been a part of the story, Syd might have been entirely different.

The suspense was amazing. There were a few times that I actually got creeped out and had to turn a light on. It was a little like watching a horror movie and I loved it.

I liked the pace in which everything was exposed. I didn’t feel like anything was just thrown in there with no explanation. I was also happy with the reveal at the end. There were a couple times when I thought I knew who the murderer was but I was wrong. I wasn’t shocked by the reveal because I kind of saw where the story was going in the end but I was still happy with where it went.

I gave The House 4 stars and highly recommend it to anyone who is a fan of mystery and suspense.

Keep reading…Lola


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