Finish a book in one day: I read The Grown Up by Gillian Flynn. I really liked this one but wish it was longer. 5 stars

Read a book with a person on the cover: I read the Frozen Junior Novelization. I really liked how it followed the movie but there was also some extra behind the scenes stuff. 5 stars.

Read about a character who is very different than you: I read Pocahontas A Life In Two Worlds by Victoria Garrett Jones. This was a biography and I really enjoyed it. 5 stars.

Read 7 books: I chose Survivors Titanic by Kathleen Duey and Karen A. Bale as my 7th book but I read it 4th! 4 stars.

Read a book you bought because of the cover: I read Beauty And The Beast and I loved it. I still haven’t seen the live action movie but I want to so bad. 5 stars.

Finish a book completely outside: I read the graphic novel Dr. Jekyll And Mr. Hyde. I haven’t read the book yet but I am definitely going to pick it up after reading this graphic novel. 5 stars.

Read a hyped book: I chose to read Heartless by Marissa Meyer. I was able to read 364 pages before the Book-tube-a-thon ended on Monday. I am really enjoying it though.


Challenges completed: 5 (I didn’t finish the hyped book so the 7th book doesn’t count lol)

Book’s completed: 6 (I read my choice for the 7th book before I read 6 total)

Pages read: 1,225

I think I did pretty good for my first readathon. I’m excited to participate in another one.

Keep reading…Lola


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