Book Review: Emma In The Night by Wendy Walker

Emma In The Night by Wendy Walker is a Mystery Thriller about two teenage sisters who vanish without a trace and three years later, one of them returns home.

I loved the mystery in this novel. It had me hooked from the beginning and I had a hard time putting it down because I needed to know what happened. I was completely surprised by the ending. I’ve seen alot of people write reviews saying they guessed the plot twist early on but I didn’t. I was shocked and I thought it was great.

I enjoyed the parent-child relationships. They were not great at all but sometimes that is how life and family works. Nothing is perfect and this novel shows that so well. I hated most of the parental units for the most part but at the same time I also loved how real they were. Although the adults were not in the majority of what actual adults are like in real life, I know that it’s a real possibility for a lot of families.

I just want to talk about Cass and Emma’s mother for a minute. Judy Martin is a horrible woman and mother. She is a narcissist. She’s jealous of her daughters beauty, as she ages. She favors Emma, the older daughter and sometimes tries to turn them against each other. She cares only of herself and her image. She was such an unlikable character, but that made her great in my opinion. I love to hate characters!

The sibling relationship was so good. Emma and Cass were sisters and they loved each other. They wanted to protect each other at all costs. When Cass gets back home, all she wants to do is find Emma. The lengths she goes to learn the truth were some of the best parts of the novel. I loved watching the mystery unfold and when I learned the truth, it was great.

I loved the relationship that Emma and Cass had with their step brother, . He seemed to love them both so much even though they had different mothers. He was such a great brother even as a young boy. When Cass comes back after missing for three years, their first meeting is so sweet. You really find out the type of bond they have in the end and it’s beautiful.

The ending was so good and so satisfying. It tied up everything and explained all that happened so well. There was no weird cliffhanger type thing and I loved where all of the characters ended up.

I gave Emma In The Night 5 stars and think that everyone should read it, especially if you are a dan of mystery thrillers.

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